January 24, 2013 New York


CSO, Eoin Townsend will be speaking on the FBX panel titled "The Year 0 View" at 11:30am. 


Facebook’s FBX: The Year 0 View
In its first six months on the market the Facebook Exchange has already made its mark. FBX at once legitimizes and explodes the scale of RTB by bringing onto the market massive quantities of inventory of debatable quality and performance. But it also brings to the market a formidable challenger to Google, other inventory sources and an unpredictable effect on overall pricing. The biggest questions surround does it work and for whom and with what goals? We gather some of the early platforms given access to FBX inventory and their buyers to share their first lessons in what FBX means to the market and to their clients.
January 24, 2013
New York, NY
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