September 17, 2012 London

OMMA Display


Time: 9:45 AM
Panel: Display-O-Matic: Are High-Tech Targeting and Programmatic Buying Living Up To Their Promise
Panel Description: 
Display advertising has been fundamentally transformed in recent years by complex (and costly) technologies around real-time bidding, demand-side audience targeting and the integration of massive amounts of data for targeting people rather than places online. But has all of this investment and stifling complexity paid off as promised – by increasing ad effectiveness and luring online the branding budgets that have eluded digital advertising for almost two decades? We start OMMA Display Europe with a buy-side gut check. We ask the buyers and planners working in the new machine to kick its tires. Do the new data points really move the needle of campaign success? Is tech-enhanced display the “new search” in its ability to locate interested customers? And is all of this technology really getting these platforms beyond the direct marketing models that have dominated display since the mid-nineties?
September 17, 2012
8 Northumberland Center
8 Northumberland Avenue
London, UK
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