November 15, 2011 San Francisco

Math Men San Francisco

Our acclaimed Math Men panel series comes to San Francisco on November 15, 2011 at the W Hotel.  We’ll discuss topics like what’s going on with consolidation in the ecosystem (and what it means for marketers), how brands are beginning to use buying platforms to manage their marketing and what’s next for digital advertising.

Our Panelists:

– Jon Aizen, Yahoo!

– Robert Brill, Fulcrum5

Mike Brunick, Mediabrands

– Colette Dill-Lerner, Guthy Renker

– Ben Trenda, isocket.com

– Joe Zawadzki, MediaMath

Our Moderator:

– Jeanne Houweling, PubMatic

November 15, 2011
W Hotel
181 Third Street
San Francisco, CA
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