December 8, 2013 Deer Valley

Digiday Brand Summit

MediaMath is a premier sponsor of the Digiday Brand Summit. Matt Spiegel, MediaMath's SVP, GM Americas will present the findings from a joint survey addressing retailer challenges when it comes to programmatic media buying.  

The Data-Driven Retailer: The Impact of Programmatic

Matt Spiegel, SVP, GM of Americas for MediaMath, will present the findings of a new study conducted with Digiday to better understand how retail marketers are incorporating programmatic practices into their strategies.  The findings reveal the scope of retail marketers that have adopted the programmatic approach, as well as insight into the specific marketing goals for which they are leveraging the approach and seeing the greatest impact.  Furthermore, the results also provide an understanding of how data-driven retail marketers plan to refine and update their programmatic efforts in the upcoming year. 

Conference Overview

It’s no longer enough for brands to sit back and wait. Content must be created quickly, tactics can change in the blink of an eye. The ironic part: Doing this requires more planning than ever. At the Digiday Brand Summit, you’ll hear from those that have embraced the challenges of this new speed and learned how to speed up. 

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December 8, 2013
Montague Deer Valley
9100 Marsac Ave
Deer Valley, UT
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