September 24, 2013 Dallas

Dallas CMO Collective

MediaMath's Matt Spiegel, SVP and GM Americas will be hosting a discussion group.

The CMO Collective will enhance the power and reach of your professional relationships by providing a seat at the table with other marketing executives from the Fortune 1000. Recognized as the most respected leadership conference in North America, the conference is without question, the networking event of the year for CMOs.


10:30 am


Demystifying Your Marketing Challenges


As a marketer, you are faced with many challenges — knowing who your customers and prospects are, how you can reach them, understanding what media influences conversion, defining your high value and low value customers, and so on.  It's time to get behind the steering wheel and gain control.  It's about unlocking your data and customer knowledge, leveraging that intelligence and connecting to advanced logic for making decisions.  Brand marketers will discuss how they utilize data in their current marketing efforts, and what sorts of insights they've gained in a data-centric marketing world. They'll also discuss what kinds of tools they wish they had access to, and the data insights they're still dreaming of uncovering.

Join us and be a part of this insightful event!

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September 24, 2013
The Ritz-Carlton Dallas
2121 McKinney Ave
Dallas, TX
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