Loyalty & Retention Case Study

Major Retailer

Using TerminalOne™, this major retailer powers their digital marketing from the beginning to the end of the customer journey, and then beyond to generate loyalty & advocacy.


To increase retention and purchases, the client’s primary goal was to move consumers down the path to purchase and achieve transparency into the touchpoints that delivered the best ROI


For their loyalty and retention goals, the client:

  • Applied dynamic messaging to further drive potential buyers down the path to purchase
  • Used offline 1st party data to target consumers who previously purchased in-store, retargeting them online


While the clients’ main objective for their loyalty efforts was to drive the customer down the path to purchase, their remarketing efforts were more ROI driven.  In a head-to-head test with their previous retargeting technology platform, MediaMath came in at goal with a $2.50 CPA, with CPM coming in 31% lower.

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