Direct Response & Conversion Case Study

Major Online Gift Retailer

Utilizing MediaMath’s TerminalOne™, this major online gift retailer was able to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns, expanding their programmatic buying year round, augmented by premium buys during key holiday windows


The client’s main goal was to achieve attribution between online sales and catalogue sales while increasing their return on ad spend. In doing this, they ultimately wanted to drive product sales, increase purchase intent, and gain insights for their future holiday planning


Transforming more users into converters, the client:

  • Shifted 100% of media buying to MediaMath
  • Implemented premium buys during key holiday windows, using proven creative to proven target demographics
  • Leveraged customer data insights for better targeting using a MediaMath OPEN data partner
  • Tested contextual, audience buys, etc. for their prospecting efforts
  • Gained full transparency at a cookie/impression level for use in attribution, accessing the true value of their display advertising efforts


  • 27 to 1 ROAS on Remarketing
  • 2 to 1 ROAS on Prospecting
  • 1.6 to 1 online-only ROAS on offline file targeting
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