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We are passionate technologists solving complex problems at scales and speeds never seen before, transforming the marketing industry by building a world-class platform that our clients love.

Our 250+ person team of technology innovators is tackling the latest problems in huge data sets, using distributed systems that function with ultra-low latency, and leverage machine learning algorithms across millions of opportunities every second. We take every opportunity to try new things, share our ideas, and improve our skill sets.

Guiding Principles

  • Work collaboratively

    Focus on getting to the best answer, with no egos. We succeed and fail as a team.

    Trust each other

    Communicate openly. Listen for intent. Ask questions and don’t be afraid to be wrong. Offer & accept feedback because we make each other better.

    Take Ownership and
    Be Accountable

    Empower people to define and own solutions. In exchange, expect adherence to high standards and accountability for performance.

  • Be agile and flexible

    Consider all the options to get the job done – open source & outsource; build, buy, or partner.

    Fail fast and learn from it

    Success requires experimentation, and experimentation requires failure.

    Plan for change—
    it's a constant

    Be on the lookout for tomorrow’s answers, because today’s answers will eventually reach their limits.

    Improve constantly

    Bring the latest practices and knowledge to our technology and our people.

  • Be Relentless About Efficiency

    Automate everything. Eliminate busywork and overhead. Spend time and money wisely. Prioritizing efficiency today pays dividends tomorrow.

    Always consider the customer

    Think about how each decision we make will affect our external and internal customers.

    Drive Outcomes

    If it doesn’t produce measurable benefits, it doesn’t matter.

Open Source & Dev Blog

Projects we like:

Grafana Docker

AngularJS Ansible

vagrant   Spark

Developer Blog:

Real-time Streaming Attribution Using Apache Flink

In this blog post, I will share a proof of concept for real-time attribution using Apache Flink from streaming data sources of impressions and events, and how we handled some of the specific problems inherent in windowing and processing real-time data streams at scale.

Employee Spotlight: From Adjunct to Engineer

Owein Reese, who manages a group of engineers in MediaMath’s Creatives Management Tribe, took an unusual route to a career in software development. Owein’s mother was a programmer at IBM back in the days of punch-card programming (well… the 80’s)

The people here are more friendly and collaborative than any other place I've worked. I'm really impressed that it still feels like a small company even though we have hundreds of employees and offices all over the world. Mike Neiss, Product Manager
Spicy Food Addict
MediaMath is a place that gives employees trust and respect, and the environment is very open and flexible. The developers are very fast moving, self motivated, and also well organized across multiple groups. From the projects I worked on, I have learned more than coding skills - I have learned about collaborating, trust, and taking responsibility. Yang Yang, Senior Software Engineer, Core Team
Knitter, Baker, Robot-Maker