The Transition to Mobile-Centric Marketing

November 3, 2014 — by Emma Williams

In the UK, like many other countries where mobile penetration is high, ‘mobile first’ has become the mantra of forward thinking brands. In fact, mobile users in Britain are more likely to shop using a mobile device than any other European country, with 32% of consumers making a monthly purchase compared with just 8% in France and 15% in Germany.

However, without a thorough understanding of mobile best practices, many brands are ill prepared to shift the focus of their marketing strategy to this crucial channel. So, how should the modern marketer shift the focus of their marketing strategy to this critical channel?

Damon Combrinck, VP Platform Solutions EMEA, has outlined five best practices that brand marketers need to know before they take the leap into mobile-centric marketing.  In his IAB UK article Damon addresses:

  • Advertising formats
  • Consumer formats
  • Targeting and placement
  • Attribution and reporting
  • Mobile ad design

To read Damon’s IAB UK article in its entirety, click here.