Digital Video is Invaluable for Advertisers

May 27, 2013 — by John DeFilippis

While masterful copy and great design both captivate audiences, video is the best medium for storytelling as it provides a multi-sensory experience that engages audiences in ways that other mediums can’t. Although video advertising is by no means new, there’s a shift happening in the way people consume video content, presenting an opportunity for buyers (and sellers) to incorporate programmatic video into their marketing efforts. Online video is a powerful tool for advertisers looking to tap in to the millennial demographic, which is leading the shift from traditional TV viewership to online video. On the sell side, ABC announced its first foray into programmatic video.  With both buyers and sellers eager and interested in programmatic video, MediaMath is actively working to charge forward with this proliferating channel.

To help TerminalOne™ users take full advantage of all that digital video advertising can offer, MediaMath has expanded its programmatic video offering – in scale, functionality and analytics.OMMA explains that one of the top complaints among advertisers is “lack of quality video inventory to meet advertiser demand.” MediaMath strives to give advertisers access to the most robust video supply, in regard to scale and quality. Through the OPEN Partner Marketplaceadvertisers can access more than 60 billion video impressions globally and execute private marketplace exchange deals for programmatic video, in addition to real-time bidding.

The expansive scale of supply, combined with a centralized view of all of the digital media channels —  display, social, mobile and video—drives efficiency in terms of workflow and reporting for TerminalOne users. In addition to consistent reporting across media, advertisers running programmatic video campaigns have the ability to access transparent video-specific performance data such as quartile-completion metrics and more. TerminalOne’s proprietary algorithm “The Brain,” does the heavy lifting to determine what’s working with online video campaigns, and steers spend in that direction. Additionally, “The Brain” can leverage attribution models to adjust bid values based on predicted contribution of various touchpoints across channels. Furthermore, through TerminalOne, advertisers are able to set up campaigns with any number of video-specific goals including exposure, engagement, reach, and frequency. A marketing operating system enables advertisers to execute goal-based marketing initiatives by transparently connecting spend to any number of advertiser goals with the result being that advertisers are easily able to identify the drivers of performance.

From prospecting to driving conversions, our clients have seen success with programmatic video. Neustar, for example, aimed to improve its brand recognition among IT decision makers. Using TerminalOne to programmatically execute a video campaign to both prospect and remarket, the company was able to access inventory across a diverse set of top video exchanges. This enabled them to reach their target audience at scale with a 15-second pre-roll video. 80 percent of Neustar’s target audience watched the entire video.

Similarly, another MediaMath client,, the UK’s leading, independent florist, was focused on driving conversions with video. The company wanted to use video ads to drive repeat sales from their existing customer base, a medium over which they never felt they had a lot of control. Using programmatic video via TerminalOne, the company was able to triple conversion among their target audience. Peter Ahl, CEO of, said, “We were anxious to have access to enhanced targeting capabilities and gain a stronger understanding of the impact of our video strategies on our audience segments, as well as our bottom line. We were quickly able to identify increase in spend by our current customer base, proving that video is an extremely powerful brand reinforcement tactic.”

To learn more about the benefits of video advertising with MediaMath, read our press release.