7 Deadly Career Mistakes Developers Make

May 17, 2016 — by Ben Donohue

Want to avoid the most common career traps made by engineers in the adtech space? MediaMath’s VP of Engineering, Ben Donohue, shares his thoughts on how to navigate an ever-changing tech market while pursuing this professional path, via an InfoWorld article published by Paul Heltzel.

Read an excerpt of the article below: 

Your expertise in one stack may make you invaluable to your current workplace — but is it helping your career? Can it hurt to be too focused on only one stack?

MediaMath’s Donohue doesn’t pull any punches on this one: “Of course it is — there’s no modern software engineering role in which you will use only one technology for the length of your career. If you take a Java developer that has been working in Java for 10 years, and all of a sudden they start working on a JavaScript application, they’ll write it differently than someone with similar years of experience as a Python developer. Each technology that you learn influences your decisions. Some would argue that isn’t a good thing — if you take a Java object-oriented approach to a loosely typed language like JavaScript, you’ll try to make it do things that it isn’t supposed to do.”

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