MediaMath DMP Insights

DMP Insights

Explore and act on your audience data with real-time analyses that reveal audience overlap between multiple segments or performance of any your audiences, in any of your campaigns, without a single line of SQL.

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User level insights on custom audiences are time consuming and expensive measure.

DMP Insights Overlap Report surfaces actionable patterns in user behavior by showing the size and membership within any combination of 1st party Adaptive Segments, on demand, via simple user interface. For example, an analysis comparing shoe buyers and jeans buyers may reveal that 20% of jeans buyers also buy shoes , but due to jeans buyers being the larger of the Adaptive Segments, 50% of shoe buyers also buy jeans.

Audience spend tests can be expensive, tedious to administer and consume valuable campaign time. DMP Insights Performance Report calculates campaign performance metrics on past campaigns for any new or existing audience segment, without a spend test. Know the performance of your audience  before spending on it.

Real-time Insights

Build your audience in minutes, and analyze it, in minutes.

Simple User Interface

Compelling analytics results without the complexity.

Flexible Audiences

Historical performance of any audience, in any campaign, on demand.