MediaMath Data Mining Console

Data Mining Console

A unique analytics platform that puts massive amounts of data directly into the hands of the marketer, to understand their audiences better, identify key drivers of success and create complex segments for activation.

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With competition just a click away, digital marketers must leverage their most valuable asset, their first-party data, to enhance marketing tactics. But organizing, accessing and processing the deluge of data into actionable insights is difficult and expensive.

Our self-serve, cloud-based analytics platform stores up to one year of log-level data and data processing infrastructure, to be used for ad-hoc analysis, data discovery, predictive modeling and advanced segmentation.

These segments and model results can be pushed back into MediaMath’s DSP for targeting or shared with partners, making insights easily actionable.

12-Month Storage

Create more accurate audience profiles based on longer-term data.

Complex & Customizable

Build highly granular audience targeting strategies to optimize performance.

Turn-Key Integration

Instant access to data with minimal setup or support burden.