MediaMath Audience Onboarding

Audience Onboarding

Unify your first-party data – in-store, website, CRM and campaign data – for increased reach, targeting and consistency.

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Customer journeys span across channels, yet offline and online marketing efforts remain largely fragmented. It’s difficult to connect offline audience data to online user profiles in a compliant method that respects consumer privacy.

With the largest digital and mobile supply, MediaMath provides marketers with the greatest access to find, bid and win impressions against their matched customers through several onboarding mechanisms that seamlessly and simply allow advertisers to activate customers through CRM onboarding, server-to-server onboarding, mobile SDKs and tag and pixel implementation.

It’s seamlessly integrated, so CRM data onboarding can happen with one click, right in MediaMath’s DSP environment. Pixel implementation across an entire site or new pages can be time consuming and costly, requiring approvals, IT intervention, or a third-party tag manager. MediaMath’s Full Audience View leverages our exclusive technology partnership with Akamai to provide best-in-class on-site data collection for building audiences without the use of pixels.

Performance & Security

Akamai partnership ensures world-class security and performance.


Doubles remarketing reach compared to pixels alone.

Simple Deployment

Complete site deployment without IT or third-party tag manager.