MediaMath Adaptive Segments

Adaptive Segments

Dynamic, real-time audience segmentation, directly integrated in media-buying capabilities.

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Increasingly, customers are demanding that brands treat them uniquely, with personalized messages at just the right moment. But marketers struggle to connect with their customers with audiences that are incomplete, inaccurate, and siloed from activation.

Adaptive Segments are founded on granular, non-destructive event storage and a real-time, native integration with media, for precision, scale and control that is unrivaled in any DMP in the industry.

Armed with more granular, real-time segments marketers can better discover, define, activate and fine-tune desired audiences, ultimately increasing the effectiveness of their campaigns and improving ROI.

High Performance

Improve response rates, reduce wasteful spend and gain actionable insights with zero loss or latency.


Simultaneously execute, optimize and evaluate campaigns within one integrated workflow.


Segments retroactively populate and are always accurate, enabling precision targeting.